TCS Ultimatix ERP Portal for Employees Services 2019

Every organization in the world either it be small/big will be managing its employee’s salary, increments, leaves and other official records either online or offline. The world “offline management” is slowly getting erased from the dictionary as everything is going digital. For managing all details online, the company should have an ERP system.

ERP is nothing but an expanded form of Enterprise Resource Planning, In business terms, it is a process used by companies to integrate the important parts of their business.

There are many ERP software/programs available in the market, the majority of the small companies won’t have any but large companies for eg – like TCS would be having their own ERP systems. An ERP system can integrate planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources.

TCS being the giant in IT business with about 3.87 Lac employees under is having its own ERP system. Ultimatix is TCS own ERP system, through it they manage employee records like projects, time sheets, leaves and all other information related to the job. The software integrates all the records and gives a birds-eye view for different departments of the company.

TCS ultimatix
TCS Ultimatix

TCS Ultimatix – How To Make Use of It As An Employee?

  • Employees can fill in their timesheets and can also feed what all work they have taken upon for the day.
  • Employees can put leaves – Casual, Sick and Privilege (depends on the company norms), Supervisor can accept or reject the applied leave through the portal. Thereby reducing much of the paperwork.
  • One can easily get the info of any person working on the company if he/she knows the PF ID or Employee ID. One must key in the employee id for getting the required details of the employee.
  • At the end of every month, Your salary slip will be generated through the TCS Ultimatix portal. Employees can easily download the payslip for the month through the portal.
  • One can also look for good opportunities available in the company, i.e if he/she wants to change the projects they can easily do through Ultimatix.
  • Your manager can view your performance through ” Performance Monitor” He/She can use the same for granting promotions/hikes.
  • One can easily download his/her appointment, relieving letter, bonafide letter and all other official letters through TCS Ultimatix.
  • One can easily connect with companies higher officials through the portal.
  • One can even put the resignation letter through the portal.

TCS Ultimatix is all in one pack type of portal developed by TCS for its employees. Employee management had become much easier with the introduction of Ultimatix.

How To Claim HRA/Medical Bills Through TCS Ultimatix?

TCS offers you 100% medical insurance, so if you are just out of hospital then you might be thinking to claim your medical bills or are have you recently shifted to a new location and thinking how to apply HRA bills? Don’t worry, half of the employees in TCS are unaware of using the Ultimatix portal for claiming HRA and Medical Bills. Follow the steps mentioned below for claiming the same.

For Claiming HRA Through TCS Ultimatix

  • Log on to your TCS Ultimatix profile with your employee id and password.
  • Search for “Employee Services”.
  • Under “Employee Services” look for “Global Employee Services”
  • Once you’re on “Global Employee Services” look for TRLP.

Make sure you send a copy of the landowner’s pan card if the rent is more than Rs 8500.

How To Claim Medical Bills Through Ultimatix?

  • Log on to your TCS Ultimatix profile with your employee id and password.
  • Under “Employee Services” select “Health and Wellness”.
  • Under “Health and Wellness” find and tap on Medi Assistant.
  • It will take you to a third party page, where you have to key in all details regarding your medical expenses.

These are some of the most frequently asked queries regarding TCS Ultimatix, If you are still encountering some problems then please do share it with us, we will help you fix the issue as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please do stay tuned with us for further updates regarding TCS.

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